Annex Book Club

Well, what a great first meeting!

8/14/22: Clara, Debbie, Lisa, Julia, and Carol. (Alicia and Kendall were absent. Hope to see you next time!)

We decided on a few basic ground rules. We’ll try to meet once a month, rotating book picks. The book picker will host the meeting, unless they don’t want to. Julia & Clara will host in that case or we can always meet in the Club Room.

When picking a book, feel free to pick fiction, non-fiction, whatever. We do want to steer clear of heavily religious or political work, accent on “heavily.”

The current order of picking books (we drew cards) is Carol, Lisa, Debbie, Julia, and Clara..

Rather than having a set meeting time, we’re going to go month by month, considering the various schedules we have.

So, with that in mind, we need a good date in the second half of September. Please write Julia with “can meet” and “can’t meet” info. We’ll work something out.

And the book from Carol is Sold on a Monday, by Kristina McMorris. Let’s enjoy!