Avonlady, Author

Current High Bid: $50

Hello, I write Destiel fics both canon and AU in just about any setting. I can write just about any trope or storyline, but there are a few I am better at than others. I haven’t tried Omegaverse yet, but am not opposed to writing it. I am open to any type of fic and any tag or archive warning within reason. I can also write side ships and side characters, but Dean and Cas have to be the main ship and endgame. If there is something you are looking for, please let me know.

I only write Mature and Explicit fics and like to write Canon fics that incorporate Castiel’s wings or AU fics that are them being idiots in love. I only write Destiel fics, so that would be the main ship of the story. I am really open to writing anything, though I have a couple limits we can discuss.

My minimum word count is 5,000 words, my opening bid is $15, and I’m offering one lot.

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