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Total amount raised so far $10,437.

Thanks for a great auction, everyone! 2020


Official Bidding Total $5,000

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New on Angel Radio:

  • 7/20/20 – OK, I’m converting the 2020 Catalog to the 2020 Archive. We’ve got stories and art!
  • 7/6/20 – First story from the auction! NavajoLovesDestiel‘s Heartbreak Warfare (Castiel/Benny, ABO, H/C, 4,155 words)
  • 6/12/20 -BIDDING STARTS!
  • 6/11/20 – Welcome new artist, Lady Random Box, and new author, Kales! That brings up to 68 creatives and 108 lots! You are all SO AWESOME!
  • 6/9/20 -Welcome new author Grumpyphoenix!
  • 6/8/20 – Welcome new author tricia_16! That brings us to 68 creatives and 111 lots!
  • 6/5/20 -AlleiraDayne’s put up Cowboys and Angels!
  • 6/1/20 -Welcome new authors, Idabbleincrazy, Masterpiece of Turkey Cleverness and Gremma! That brings us to 64 creatives!!


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