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  • New stories! Amyoatmeal Un/faithfully (Destiel, NC -17,  Audultery, Office AU, 4562 words) and Internetname Dyers Eve (Destiel, NC-17, Castiel Pines, First Time, WIP)
  • Two more tix sold!
  • Three more tix sold!
  • New story! Nicklekeep Use Both Hands (Destiel, NC-17, Word Play, PWP, 2450 words).
  • New Story! Fangirllanie posted Friday Night Fever (No Ship, G, Team Free Disco, Comedy).
  • Four more tix sold!
  • New stories! Palominopup The Tortoise and the Neighbor (Destiel, PG, Cass Is a Vet, AU, 6260 words) and CastielsCarma Detour (Destiel, PG-13, Vacation, First Time, 7889 words).
  • New story! CR Noble has posted the first part of Possession(Sabriel, NC-17, Non-Con, Deak Fic)
  • New Story! Lard butt Julia has posted the first part of her story, Vessels (Adventure, PG, OFC/OMC, Case Fic)
  • June 2020, Fic Facer$ Third Annual Auction


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