Madshigh, Author

Hi, I’m Mads! I write primarily Marauders/Harry Potter fanfics.

My fics can take place in a canon-compliant or canon-divergent universe, or any sort of fluffy or angsty AU. I would love to get creative and play around with ideas, so I’m up for doing lots of different things. I love exploring characters and seeing what makes them tick/hum/smile/cry. I’m big on details and creating imagery for my readers. I’m open to a lot.

Please feel free to get in contact with me if you have a small idea that you want to work out and bounce around. I’m excited for all types of prompts etc. [I only write up to mature rating, fade to black spice, only with characters over 20.]

Let’s get creative together!!!! XX

My minimum word count is 10,000, and my opening bid is $15.

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