4nticipati0n, Artist

I’m a trans and queer artist in love with a variety of different digital art forms! Photoshopping parodies, MS Paint doodles, making covers for books/fics, and silly t-shirt designs.  This year, I’m offering custom versions of any or all of these from a variety of fandoms.

Check out my art gallery to see examples of the following options.

Book Covers! Do you want a custom cover for your fic? Or maybe even a complete book jacket to go with your handbound copy? I can do that!  I love doing that. I’ll work with you to build something to your liking.

T-Shirt Design! Got a funny idea?  Want an iconic shipper shirt never before seen? Want your face in some spam? Well, you can’t have that last one… I already did it! But I’m sure we can come up with something equally great.

Doodle! I love drawing objects and blending in my personal style with a variety of tools.  All of my drawn art has an impasto twist to it, but I love making fandom reference images.  My only limitation.. I don’t draw people. (I’ve got prosopagnosia, so just not up my alley.  But I can do an alley 🤣)

Parodies! Or other Photoshop malarkey. I have a great enjoyment out of creating movie poster parodies, book cover parodies, ad infinitum, usually with a very distinctive, bright and colourful style, but I’m flexible on this.

My opening bid price is $25. I am offering five lots.

Artify my Typeset! Or otherwise known as, “Please help me make my fic look cool with custom chapter headers, footers, and page breaks.” Includes a custom cover! This is a special offer just for Fic Facer$ bidders.  Minimum bid for this option is 100$.  We’ll work together to build an awesome cohesive piece that will stand impressively on Ao3 or be adaptable into a typeset.


Want your bid to show on the listing quicker? Email me with the artist/author’s name to say you’ve made a bid.