MalMuses, Author

Current high bid $350

Hey there! I write Destiel, in almost any form. I love to write other characters as part of their world, and I’m happy to discuss any background ships you might enjoy.

I will write almost any trope and genre. Fluff, angst, AUs, canon, BDSM, historical, sci-fi, tropey as hell rom-coms, I’ve written them all! My fic is usually explicit, but it doesn’t have to be if your idea is T or M rated. I will write from Dean POV or Cas POV, or switch between them both.

I’m happy to brainstorm and work with any kind of happy ending prompt, with almost anything up for discussion. So, reach out, and let’s think up your dream fic!

Archive of Our Own

My minimum guaranteed word count is 10,000, and my opening bid price is $20.

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