MandalaRose, Author

Current High Bid $75

I’d love to write you a sappy, fluffy, angsty, funny, or smutty Destiel love story with a happy ending!

I’ll write any rating and have stories from G to E in my Archive, so feel free to take a look if you want to see my interpretation of what a T vs. M. vs. E looks like!

I write AUs or canonverse, and while I mostly write Destiel, I’m open to other ships between consenting, unrelated adults, especially as secondary or background relationships. (But if you really want to see how I’d write one of those as a primary pairing, I’m up for the challenge!)

Have a canon scene or reference that you’ve always wanted to see in an AU? Let me know!

Seen an internet prompt you’re dying for someone to write? Toss it my way! (And take a look at my stories, “The Rule” and “Paparazzi” if you want to see what I’ve done with other prompts!) Feel like mashing up a bunch of random tropes and seeing what I make of it? Bring it.

I adore writing stories for people and I look forward to working with you to create a story that will make us both very happy! 😉

Archive of Our Own

My minimum guaranteed word count is 5,000, and my opening bid price is $10.

Want your bid to show on the listing quicker? Email me with the artist/author’s name to say you’ve made a bid.



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