fangirl lanie, Author

With an imagination, a love of stories, and a passion for writing, I love bringing new tales to the fandoms we love. It brings me great joy to take those familiar characters on brand new adventures. The fandoms I’m most inspired by currently are Doctor Who, Loki, and Marvel. I can write for Supernatural, Good Omens, as well as a plethora of other fandoms. Just ask if you’re curious!

I’m willing to write most ships. Don’t want a ship at all? I’m good with that, too! I can write fluff, angst, romance, even fandom crossovers!

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My minimum guaranteed word count is 1,200, and my opening bid price is $15. I am offering two lots.


Want your bid to show on the listing quicker? Email me with the artist/author’s name to say you’ve made a bid.