Immortal_Dreams, Author

lot #1 current high bid $30
Lot #2 current high bid $20

I write mostly Destiel, but I can also do Sabriel if you want. I’m good with AUs and I love fluffy and humorous stories but also angsty ones. It can be only Dean and Cas, but I can also add lots of other characters to the fic, depending on what you want. I’m also a sucker for the secret relationship trope, so if you want that, you’re in the right place.

If you’re not 100% sure what you want, that’s fine too. We can figure it out, just email me.

Story Archive on A03

My minimum guaranteed word count is 1,500, and my opening bid price is $10. I’m offering two lots.

Want your bid to show on the listing quicker? Email me with the artist/author’s name to say you’ve made a bid.




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