NoxSoulmate, Author

current high bid Lot #1 $50
current high bid Lot #2 $30
current high bid Lot #3 $15
current high bid Lot #4 $15

I prefer to write AUs but can do canon divergent. Fluff and happiness are my expertise as well as a good dose of drama and pining to spice it all up. Happy endings are a must.

I write Destiel with any side pairing you would like. Since I mostly write AU, you can pick their professions, how they meet, if they end up having a family together, and so on. I prefer writing them in their thirties, but who doesn’t love a good high school or college fic?  😉

I’m also open to talking and brainstorming together, so we can make this the best fic for your prompt it could possibly be!

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My minimum guaranteed word count is 1,000, and my opening bid price is $10. I’m offering three lots.

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