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Current high bid $30

Yey, y’all! This year I’ve decided to offer a three-chapter sickfic featuring any combination(s) of the following characters: Dean, Sam, Cas, Jack, and Mary.

The chapters can coincide or differ totally. You want the first one to be adorkably silly and the next to be angst-filled? Let’s do it. Wanna throw in a reference to an episode? We can do that too.

I live for writing Wincest, but it doesn’t need to include that if you don’t want it. And while I usually don’t do Destiel, I’m willing to if that’s what you really want.

The only limitation I have is that we steer clear of death fics, but other than that… I’m game!

Story Archive on A03


What can I say? I swear like a sailor and use please and thank you like a saint. I’m complicated.”

My minimum guaranteed word count is 3,000 (1,000 per chapter), and my opening bid price is $10. I’m offering two lots.

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