RavenWingSeraph, Author

Lot #1 Current High Bid $25
Lot #2 Current High Bid $20

Hi! I’m up for writing pretty much anything from fluff to angst or fluffy angst! It’s up to you! My only caveat is that I will not under any circumstances write about incestuous relationships.

If you’d like to flesh out a story idea you have but aren’t sure how to go about it, would like to base something on a piece of art, a song lyric or even a bumper sticker I’m more than happy to work with you! Just send me an email and we can discuss it!

A little about me; I am a huge fan of the tv series Supernatural. A #Deangirl and a #heller. I love supernatural/paranormal folklore, anything spooky or classic goth, graphic novels, and chocolate. Life long hater of peas. I am a bookworm and a geek. Let’s team up and make something unique that you’ll treasure!

Story Archive on A03

My minimum guaranteed word count is 1,000, and my opening bid price is $10. I’m offering three lots.

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