Seralina, Author

Current bid $60
I love to think up new worlds and monsters for the characters to play in. I especially love sending them into Universes that aren’t theirs (yes I mean crossovers, I offer many options).  To intrigue you further I give you quotes from some recent works!

“Just some ambitious dumbasses trying for a better life.” -Just Like a Folk Song

It certainly wasn’t the first time Dean was stuck staring at his best friend, it made something heavy shift in his chest, freeing up room for that something more he yearned for so desperately.  -Our Fate’s Already Sealed

“You went searching after one of my plot holes?  Really guys?!”  – Our Fate’s Already Sealed

Neither could tell who moved first, in that last moment which was just the end of all befores and a choice to live now.  -Break Through the Dark

“Humans!  See, this is why I never wanted to keep your lot.  You just have these heaps and heaps of… audacity.”  -Break Through the Dark


Archive of Our Own

Minimum word count is 15,000, minimum bid $20. I am offering one lot.

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