Trenchcoatbaby, Author

Oh hiiii, it’s your friendly neighborhood TrenchcoatBaby! (And that’s my bestie, WaywardAF67, looking totally adorable on the right!)

So, I’m an explicit Destiel writer at heart. I try to offer originality, characterization, and smut, preferably in an AU. So if that’s your bag—we’re a perfect fit! I’ve written a little bit of everything, but as long as Dean and Cas are involved, I’m willing to try anything once. (Yes, that innuendo was definitely intentional.) I don’t mind sprinkling a reasonable amount of angst and/or plot in this if ya want, but it’ll likely also come with fluff, smut, and a happy ending. Preferred rating is NC-17.

Story Archive on A03

My minimum guaranteed word count is 3,000, and my opening bid price is $10.

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