Welcome to the home of Fic Facer$ and our annual auction fundraiser for Random Acts.


New to Fic Facer$

Hey there! Thanks for being interested in bidding on Fic Facer$

OK, during the auction, you don’t pay any money. You just make bids by filling out the forms in the “See My Options and Bid on Me” pages. That’s where you say how much you’re willing to bid.

The point of this auction is to have fun, so please be careful only to ask for stories or artwork that the author/artist has said they want to do. We work together on the listings to make it clear what our creatives are comfortable doing. A look through the catalog should find a creative who’s happy to do what you want, so if the catalog listing doesn’t say they’ll do, for example, “Major Character Death,” do not request it, or you will be asked to change your request before your bid is accepted. If you’re not sure about your request, just ask!

At the end the of the auction, which this time is midnight June 28, 2021, all bidders will get an email from us telling them if they’ve won. Only then do you go to Random Acts and make a donation in your bid amount.  So, for example, if you bid $20 on someone, you then go make a donation for $20 to Randm Acts, and please, note in your donation that you’re doing it as part of Fic Facer$ (so we get the credit). Then you’ll get a receipt from Random Acts for your donation.

Please forward that receipt to to ficfacers@gmail.com. At that point, your creative will be told you’ve made your donation, and then you’ll get news on your thank-you story or art work!


Want to come play with us?