Welcome to the home of Fic Facer$ and our fundraisers for Random Acts.

Bidding Total So Far: $475

The auction goes to june 30

Total raised so far $16,390


New on Angel Radio:

  • 6/18/24 -Our first day of bidding brought four bids! Thanks, everyone! And thank you to Random Acts for the shout out on their Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/RandomActsOrg).
  • 6/17/24 – The auction is open! Welcome new creatives Avonlady and Anti-Social Seraph!
  • 6/10/24 – Welcome new creative Briston, and welcome back, JenniferB!
  • 5/27/24 – Welcome new creatives Sidewinder, spn-fanfic-reblog-writes and Baileys! We’re also happy to have Fangirl Lanie back with us! So glad you’re all here.
  • 5/7/24 – Welcome new creative Nicole Gauvin.
  • 5/5/24 – The 2024 Catalog is being worked on.
  • 5/2/24 – FicFacers welcomes back our wonderful creatives! In addition to our great Flight Crew, these writers and artists have signed up for 2024:
  • DixieHellCat
  • FanGirl Lanie
  • Foxymoley
  • I_Bleed_Jensenite
  • Internetname
  • Julia Houston
  • Kirabos
  • Lysel Katz
  • Mod Soul
  • Reafre
  • SouSurvivor_36
  • Uddelhexe
  • Zation


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