Welcome to the home of Fic Facer$ and our annual auction fundraiser for Random Acts.


(27 prizes!)

Step One: Go to RandomActs’s donation page and donate $5 per ticket. Be sure to put in the memo area of your donation that you’re donating for the Fic Facer$ Raffle.

Step Two: Random Acts will send you a receipt. To register your ticket, send a copy of that receipt to me, along with your top three choices (in order) from our collection of prizes.

Step Three: Your name and prize choices will be written on a physical ticket and put in a bowl. You will get one physical ticket for every $5 donation. If you like, you can write down different prize choices for different tickets.

Current Bowl 37 Tickets:

Step Four:  You will receive a Fic Facer$ email acknowledging your ticket purchase and with coupon codes for 15% off an item in participating stores.

Step Five: If you want to join us online (you absolutely do not have to to claim your prize), login to the Discord “FicFacers” account as the winning tickets are pulled at 8 pm (ET) on October 9, 2019. The first winner will get their top choice for prize. The second winner will get their top choice if it hasn’t been taken by the first winner. The third will get their top choice if it hasn’t been taken by the first or second winners, and so on. Winning tickets will be pulled until we’ve given away all the prizes.

Step Six: FicFacer$ will send emails to all ticket buyers letting them know if they won and what they won.

Step Seven: If you’re a winner, we’ll email you again when your prize is ready, the deadline for which is the usual three months.

Questions? Concerns?  Ficfacers@gmail.com.



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