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Aux 2 p’tites mains,

Winner – Seralina!

Aux 2 P’tites Mains’ Prize is a customized Supernatural decal!

This lovely Quebec artist does customizable glass etchings and vinyl decals as well as various decorative designs. Her prize is a decal for your home or car window (or whatever else you like) based on a Supernatural quote. (Selections coming soon.)

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Winner – Vegas Granny!

CastielsCarma’s Prize is a customized Destiel story!

I can write something dark, non/con, mcd. Or something where one of them is a creature of any kind (dragon, a plant, demon, familiar) Something where one of them is under a spell of choice. Sam snapping and getting them to talk. Established relationship. Fluff. Minimum 2,000 words.
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Winner – Palishere!

CatCurl’s Prize is 20 Supernatural Greeting Cards!

The greeting cards will showcase one of her awesome paintings. You can see her fantastic work at her Facebook page.

Changing Channels,

Winner – Chloé!
Changing Channel’s Prize is a stamped bracelet with the anti-possession symbol, customized with the winner’s initials on the back!

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C R Noble,

Winner – Andi!

C R Noble’s Prize is a customized story!
I am open to writing just about anything, though angst is definitely my comfort zone. When I angst, I angst really hard. I will write any rating, though my NC-17 is often more toward the gory bits than the sexy bits. My minimum guaranteed word count is 5,000,

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Winner – Clara!

DixieHellCat’s Prize is a crocheted doll of your choice.



Winner – Naomi!

FollowYourEnergy’s Prize is a Destiel story!

I would love to write you a heartwarming, happy-ending Destiel story! I’m happy to chat about your ideas. Let’s make you something you love! My guaranteed minimym word count is 2,000.



Winner – Andri!

Gio’s First Prize is a commisioned art piece!

I can draw your request in a variety of styles: a realistic image, a stylized cartoon or comic style or a cute chibi version. I do prefer to draw Castiel, Dean and Sam, and Destiel is my ship. But I’m willing to draw any character, and I’m open to other ships as well. You can choose up to two characters in one scene. I’ll create a digital art and send you a high resolution file, so you can print in any size, as you want.

Gio’s Second Prize is a 16″ x 16″ throw pillow of Renaissance Castiel and a 4″ sticker of the boys on the Baby’s Hood!

Winner – Laize!

Castiel Pillow Baby and the Boys

Gio’s Third Prize is a Castiel-with-Sock-Monkey-Hat 20 oz. Travel Mug and 4″ Keep Fighting sticker!
Winner – Lumos!

Travel Mug  /  Keep Fighting

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Winner – Cumberbitch Master!

Internetname’s Prize is 5,000 words of Destiel Smut!

NC-17, 5,000, set in the season of your choice. Let’s have some fun!

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Winner – Vegas Granny!

Insominia’s prize is a custom-made story!

I will go down with your ship! I am happy to write whatever you like with whoever you like, wherever you like (canon or AU). I lean towards angst and/or fluffy with a happy ending, but I’d like to work with you to write your perfect piece and I’ll write for any rating.

Story Archive on A03

My minimum guaranteed word count is 3,000.



Winner – Bret!

Jensenite’s Prize is a custom-made story.

I mostly read and write Destiel, although I’m happy to write other ships if you prefer. If you have any special interests, I can try to weave them in. Let’s work together.

My minimum guaranteed word count is 3,000.

Julia Houston,
Head Lunatic in Charge


Winner – Brett!

Julia’s Prize is an autographed and dedicated copy of her 28-page, paperback children’s book based on her Supernatural fanfiction, In a Handsome Garden.

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Winner – Vegas Granny!

Katiegangel’s Prize is a custom-made story!

While I can make things a little on the steamy side, I enjoy writing fluffy, comical Destiel or Sabriel fics. Minimum guaranteed word count is 1,000,
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Winner – Alina!

Kirabaros’ Prize is an Ascot Dean Squirrel!

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Winner – String Theory!

MaggieMaybe160’s prize is a Destiel story made at your direction.

I love to write emotional angst for Dean/Cas! I enjoy other pairings with Sam and tend to stick to canon.

Guarranteed minimum word count is 1,000.

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Winner – TJ!

Navajolovesdestiel’s prize is a Destiel story made at your direction.

Hello! I write Destiel, Dean/Cas/Benny and Denny. I usually write Alternative Universe. I usually write NC-17, but I can write fluff too. I specialize in A/B/O and BDSM. Let’s talk about what you want, I’m open for anything, any trope.

I put the word minimum at 3,000 words but will most likely go over, I tend to get wordy

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Winner – Palishere!

Nickelkeep’s’s prize is a story made at your direction.

I am best known for canon or slightly canon divergent fic, and I genuinely enjoy casefic. However, I don’t shy away from AUs, and I love writing the SPN WLW pairs. Minimum word count 1,000.

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Winner – Alina!

NotFunnyDean’s prize is your choice of their original artwork from Inktober, shipped from Germany!




Winner – SoulSurvivor_36

Seralina’s prize is customized art!

Hi! I’m Seralina, I’m normally a writer but I occasionally dabble in art.  I like to call myself a mimic because I like to base my work off the styles I’ve observed and admired.  I’m offering one piece of art in Vincent Van Gogh-style, based off a screen cap from the show. (Or poster, or promotional piece.  Only official stuff.  I don’t wanna steal other artists’ work.) Standard paper size work, unless your idea is so awesome that I think I’ll need a bigger canvas.
Whatever rating the show is, that’s what I’m willing to do.
I’m willing to ship anywhere in the USA for free, but anywhere further the winner will need to split the cost with me.



Winner – Jeanna!
Shamee’s prize is a customized art piece!

I love to make SFW digital drawings of Dean, Sam, Cas, and Rowena, but I’m open to draw any of the characters you love! You can choose up to three characters. In case of any questions or details, feel free to discuss with me, and I’ll try my best to put your idea into art 🙂.

Twitter – @Phoebe921021


Winner – Vegas Granny!

Starlightoffondom’s prize is a story made at your direction!

Let the ideas roll out! I write your favorite ships, case fic, tropes, AUs and more! I specialize in canon and fantasy. Any rating teen and up. I always love to step outside the box. We’ll chat and figure it out together! Minimum word count 3,000.

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String Theory,

Winner – Lumos!
String Theory’s prize is a custom-made knitted hat with Supernatural designs of your choice. Samples of her work:

Tricky Stitches

Winner – NIcklekeep!
Tricky Stitches’ prize is a cross-stitched Supernatural bookmark featuring a character, ship, or quote of your choice!



Winner – Julia!
Uddelhexe’s prize is an art lesson focusing on a variety of topics.

Beginners posing: from a reference to lineart to basic color
For ppl without Photoshop: how to create art on easy freeware programs
How to create a scene picture and make it look like a movie screenshot
Overwork on an OC or other self-made drawing
From a classic sketch-to lineart- to computerline-to color
“I can do it in Instagram in a lifestream.” (Or other methods)

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