Professional editing ensures your writing communicates clearly while making an instant impression on your audience. Not only am I an editor and writer with decades of experience and a PhD in English literature, I am someone who loves helping others with their writing craft. I can help you achieve the outstanding results you seek.
Unlike large proofreading companies, I work with my clients directly to ensure satisfaction. My services come with a personal dedication to your success and your goals; and, if needed, helping you define what those are. Whether it’s anxiety about your resume, confusion over a story line, or any other desire for guidance, I am there to help you through the process. The result is the highest quality, expert editing.

Editing & Proofreading Services

I provide editing and proofreading for just about anything written in English. This includes everything from the basics, like grammar, spelling, and word choice, to more complex structural changes and overall effective writing.

Concise, correct, and clear language makes for effective communication in writing.


Business writing

Resumes, CVs, business letters, proposals, conference materials, reports, manuals, presentation materials, user guides, cover letters, advertisements, and more

English as Second Language (ESL) writers

Transforming your work while maintaining your voice, I work with writers from many countries to ensure your writing is understandable and correct while flowing smoothly and effectively.

Academic and scientific writing

Journal articles, theses, dissertations, books, undergraduate papers, and so on

English spelling, punctuation, and grammar national variations

American, British, Australian, and Canadian

Books and manuscripts

Fiction and nonfiction, I provide suggestions to help your work flow clearly while showing your style and voice. For fiction, I give guidance for narrative flow, characters, timing, and other elements of good story telling.

Writing and citation styles

All styles, including APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, AP, AMA business, legal, and Harvard

Writing Services

Blog posts, interviews, newsletter articles, and more.

Standard and Express Services

  • Standard rate $.01/word; express rate $.02/word
  • Standard rate: 1200-word document in 6 hours; 12,000-word document in 5 days
  • Express rate: 1200-word document in 2 hours; 12,000-word document in 24 hours
  • Email or call for a quick quote that meets your needs: 504-613-8102

How it Works

Many clients work in Microsoft Word, and this program has great features for editing. If you’re unfamiliar with editing features like tracking changes and commenting, that’s not a problem: I’ll make it a simple process for you to use these helpful features. I provide you with two versions of edited documents: one with all the changes accepted and comments removed, ready to go. And the other version with each change noted and comments supplied for clarification and suggestions.

Email to start the process:


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